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Untitled Christmas story

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Title: doesn't have one
Author: llwyden 
Rating: Probably about PG. There's mention of blood and some kissing (not together)
Warnings: Should I warn for sap and slight angst?
Summary: Gabe and Friedrich on Christmas Eve
A/N: This happens in a universe of my own canon; eventually, I'll finish and post the longer story. For this one, all you should need to know is that Chapter 6 never happened, and Gabriel ran off with Friedrich. He's come back to try and make it all work with being Schattenjäger, too.
ETA: My betas! I forgot to thank my betas! Thank you so much, niki_chidon! And also mabiana for German-customs help and abydosangel for general read-through and NO-native check!)

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In search of a beta

Just under the wire (I hope; in this time zone, at least!), I'm finishing up a short Christmas story. It's Gabriel/Von Glower, probably about PG rated (I'm lousy at figuring ratings, but there's no graphic sex, though it is slash).

Anybody want to beta? My grammar and spelling are probably fine (though I don't mind corrections); I more need to know a) if it makes sense to someone who isn't familiar with my own personal canon about these two, b) if there are story glitches or problems, and c) if there's anything in it that I've totally missed with regards to German holiday traditions; I haven't mentioned much, but for all I know there's something I should have mentioned and didn't.

Help, please?

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Another GK/FvG music video I made

First of all, I'm really sorry for not updating more regularly but I got very ill on July 31st and I'm still recovering from that. However, I do have several chapters almost ready and something to sweeten the wait:  A new GK/FvG music video. Please watch, rate, comment and ENJOY! :)